O & B Canteen

Last week, J and I went to Toronto’s autoshow  at  Toronto Convention Centre. After all the walking at the show, we walked by the TIFF lightbox and decided to grab a quick/light dinner at O&B Canteen.

O&B Canteen
As you can tell from the name, O&B Canteen is from Oliver and Bonacini (@Oliver_Bonacini), if you don’t know, they also own LUMA (that’s just upstairs, read about my review here), Bannock, Canoe, Jump, Auberge du Pommier and Biff’s Bistro). As I’m listing out all of these restaurants, I just realized I’ve been to call except for Biff’s Bistro, gotta make a trip there one day!

So O&B Canteen is just located in TIFF lightbox and below LUMA. It has a very casual ambiance with an open kitchen and a big blackboard across their side wall for their grab+go and dine-in menus. We didn’t make any reservations on this Friday night and there was no wait at all. yay!  However, seatings were quite tight with small tables.

The menu had a variety of things from salad, pizza, sandwiches to pasta.
I went for the Pappardelle with braised rabbit and kale. ($16) It also come with walnuts but I opted it out.
The pappardelle was good, just enough to not make me feel sick cause they do tend to get a bit too cheesy for me at times. The braised rabbit was good as well, similar taste to chicken. It was comparable to Fabrrica’s.

J ordered the Semolina Gnocchi with braised lamb, rosemary and parmesan  ($16).

J was debating between the mac & cheese (which I thought it was not worth $16!) or the steak & frites that smelt so good from our neighbours at first. However, our waiter recommended the gnocchi and it was his fav on the menu which I totally agreed after the meal!
It may look small at first glanced but they were very filling!

Overall, O&B Canteen wasn’t so bad. $16 per entree wasn’t so bad knowing where we were. Will order the gnocchi again and may try out their grab+go menu at another time.

O&B Canteen
330 King St W Toronto, ON M5V
(647) 288-4710

O&B Canteen on Urbanspoon


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