Ryoji Ramen & Izakaya

Ryoji  situated in Little Italy/ Portugal. Quite an odd place to find a Japanese restaurant there.
Ryoji is relatively big; there’s an area to lounge, a sushi bar and plenty of seats accompanied by mirrored ceilings. It’s a lot bigger than their competitors (Sansostei,Santouka, Kinton…).

I went on a Friday for lunch and it was rather empty. It’s probably due to the location.

Before arrival, I previewed their menu online and wanted to try their Ji-ma-ji ($6), homemade peanut tofu.
However, they didn’t offer it for lunch but the waitress kindly served it to me anyways. The tofu was rather different than a typical soft tofu. It was  not soft at all, but rather stinky. The texture is similar to raw dough and I couldn’t taste any peanuts at all. It was interesting to try it out at least.
ryoji ji ma ji

My  Otoko-Aji “Ryoji” came next.
For the original Ryoji, it is with rich and flavourful pork bone broth, topped with pork belly Chashu, bean sprout, scallion, kikurage mushroom BUT with the “aji“, it came with a seasoned boiled egg and 3 extra slices of Chashu…for $2 more. 🙂

– Pork belly was tender, very generous pieces.
– Soup was alright. I thought it was quite thick in stock. I liked it lighter like Sansotei’s.
– Noodles were the thin yellow type. It was just okay. Nothing really to comment about. I overheard another waitress asking other customers of how they would like their noodles but they didn’t ask me that. I guess you can decide the “chewiness” of your ramen?
ryoji ramen
ryoji ramen

I usually like some shichimi sauce to go with my ramen and when I asked for it, the waitress gave me Spicy Miso on the side. It was some spicy sauce with minced beef. I was thinking it was nice of her to give me this when I had only asked for shichimi spice. However, when the bill came, it looks like she charged me this spicy miso for $1.50! What! She didn’t tell me that! Anyways, I paid for it without commenting anything. I guess she misunderstood me when I was explaining this spicy spice to her.

Overall, Ryoji didn’t exceed my expectations at all. It’s probably near the bottom of my ramen shops list to go to. Not sure how the other izakaya food are like…those may be better. Let me know what your experience was like. 🙂

Ryoji Ramen & Izakaya
690-692 College St
Toronto, ON M6G1C1
(416) 533-8083

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9 thoughts on “Ryoji Ramen & Izakaya

  1. Damn, that’s a shame about their ramen. Their izakaya fare are OK, on the simpler side but a bit pricey for what it is. Lighter, less complex items to pair with alcohol rather than the dining fare that Guu takes.

    • thanks for sharing. maybe i’ll give them another try for their izakaya menu. i do tend to prefer lighter (less salty and flavourful) menus.

  2. I’ve only been to Kinton and Santouka.
    but man the decor here looks a lot different and definitely spacious.
    Not sure I would go visit if they’re at the bottom of your list! thanks for the review!

    • the decor pic i took is just really 1 section of it. the rest of the restaurant looks a bit different though…i gues the only great thing about it is there’s no line-up and there’s more than just ramen

  3. need to work on the grammar because the food information is good. Upon arrival I previewed…. for example makes no sense, and there is more…

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