Simply Life, Hong Kong

I’m back from my 3-week long vacation in Asia. Unfortunately I didn’t get to try too many restaurants and food just because I was sick for most of the time – stomach flu. I was restricted from eating flavourful things which was a total disappointment. Not that I didn’t want to eat them but I just didn’t have the appetite and every time I take a bite on something, I just feel sick.

Anywaysssss but I did get a chance to try some stuff here and there on the days that I was feeling better such as Simply Life!

As I was shopping at Admiralty Station in Hong Kong, I needed a break and saw this nicely décor café called Simply Life that reminded me of home!

Image taken from (highly recommend this site when you’re foodspotting in hk!)

It has been a long time since I’ve had a nice brewed coffee and some western food! They had an afternoon tea menu for around $55HKD (~$7.23CAD) per item with a coffee/tea.

I opted for the quesadilla and cappuccino.
The quesadilla was delicious considering I’m in HK. Hot-pressed and cheese melted. Not the best I’ve had but better than taco bell at least. 🙂
Cappuccino was also served with brown cube sugar. Even though I’m not a coffee drinker, it was aromatherapy for me.

My mom got the Ginger Tea which was amazing too! Warms the tummy and pretty sweet too. She also got a baguette with bacon and eggs (picture above) which was good but I find the bread a bit too hard and the sandwich was a little try.

I noticed Simply Life has a couple of stores around the city (franchise maybe?). They also make some fresh danish that looked amazing and serves house-made pasta for dinner. I saw these pasta rolling machines so I assumed they are house-made. I would recommend Simply Life if you are missing western food while you are in Asia or if you need a relaxing and quiet moment to enjoy a cup of coffee that’s away from the busy crowded city (where most restaurants will give you the bill the moment they see you finish eating). 🙂


More reviews of Simply Life here on Open Rice –> 

Other Simply Life locations to just name a few..

  • Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong
  • Citibank Plaza, Central
  • The Landmark, Central
  • Shop B05-06, 1/F, Queensway Plaza, Admiralty


3 thoughts on “Simply Life, Hong Kong

  1. Omg…. I just cme back from Hong Kong and was going to blog about simply life! I love it so much!!!! The cakes and lunches are so good. I went to the one at festie walk hehe 🙂

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