Yogurty’s @ Richmond Hill

I finally got around to use my $10 free Yogurty’s deal from Dealfind. The deal Was $5 for $10 free but since they had a coupon code for $5 off, then technically this deal was free!! $10 of Free Yogurt!

I noticed a lot of Yogurty’s opening up recently. They are the same as Menchies where you pick a bowl and fill as much as you want. Not sure if you know but Yogurty’s have actually been around longer than Menchies but it seems like Menchies is getting more attention.

I used my coupon at the location at Richmond Hill that is relatively new (less than 2 years?)

It was actually pretty easy to fill $10 worth of Yogurtys for 2 people. The cashier was really nice to help us weigh out the bowls when we thought it was around $10 already. 🙂

I picked strawberry yogurt with honey dew, strawberries and bobbas. While, MJ picked mango yogurt with strawberries, assorted gummies and bobbas.

Overall, tasted and the experience is similar to Menchies. I’m really indifferent between Yogurty’s or Menchie’s in terms of the yogurt but I’ll stick with Menchies for now just cause of a friend working there and they have a loyalty program to collect points. (I am a supporter For loyalty programs!)

Yogurt is the best healthy “snack” for summer!

What do you normally put in your Yogurtys/ Menchies?

1070 Major Mackenzie Drive E
Richmond Hill, ON L3R
(905) 883-8787


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