Magnum Ice Cream Toronto

Magnum Ice Cream (@magnum_canada) flag-ship store just opened up in Toronto today (June 27, 2013), at the heart of Downtown Yorkville; intersection of Yonge St and Bloor St. They replaced FCUK who recently closed down.

Some of their reps wearing their Magnum t-shirt were standing near the door to spread awareness of what Magnum is all about and what they have to offer such as the well-known chocolate and how you can customize your own “magnum” aka ice-cream bar.

Upon walking in, it was nicely decorated with brown and gold and some neat arts related to Magnum and Toronto. As the store used to be a fashion retail store, there was plenty of space!

I was also informed by the rep at the door that this is just their temporary location; they are testing it out for 1 month to just create some buzz! I guess it would be difficult to sustain the store especially in the winter… and knowing the expensive rent cost on Bloor St!

Basically, Magnum was offering all customized ice-cream bars for $6 (no tax!) with unlimited toppings!
This is how it works, image below taken from their Facebook

1. You pick your ice-cream type (chocolate or vanilla). I picked vanilla.
2. Coat your ice-cream with chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate or vanilla. I was going to pick no coating however, I needed to pick something in order for my toppings to stick so I went for white chocolate.

3. Select your toppings. I was suggested a maximum of 3 but you can go wild if you like (my friend went for 5). They had some normal toppings such as almonds, coconut and some odd ones like flaked chili and bacon bits! I selected hazel nut, dried strawberries, and crumbled fresh macaroons. My dried strawberries and macaroons had some difficulty sticking onto my ice-cream so the representative had to just sprinkle it around the ice-cream bar.

4. Lastly, there was a choice of another chocolate drizzled on the ice cream bar. I selected dark chocolate and told her to go really light on it as I’m not a strong fan of chocolate (yes, weird I know.). And VOILA….It came to $6 without tax!

Last but not least, is to enjoy it!

To be honest, it was rather too sweet for me but that’s just my personal preference of not liking chocolate all that much. If you are a chocolate-lover, you will love this place more than me for sure! I really liked the hazel nut on it, unfortunately the dried strawberries just tasted chewy without a flavour and the macaroons just didn’t stick on my ice cream bar that most of it fell off. Note that it’s quite a heavy and sweet “snack” that you are getting but I guess you can’t really judge when you are indulging yourselves! 🙂

Overall, Magnum had  friendly staff, the place was neat and tidy and ultimately, a great experience to customize your own delicious ice cream. If I were to try it again, I’ll probably try out those chili flakes and bacon bits!

Magnum Ice Cream Toronto
11 Bloor Street West


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