Sweetwater Tavern & Grill, Chicago IL

I was in Chicago for an NRA (National Restaurant Association) Show back in late May and was luckily booked at Hyatt Regency right along the infamous Magnificent Mile and along the Chicago River — “The Loop”. It is really similar to Toronto’s Lake Shore but better…surrounded by fascinating architectures, luxury brands and amazing food!

With my reliable Foodspotting app handy, I found Sweetwater Tavern & Grill (@SweetwaterChi) for brunch! However, it opens at 11AM so I walked around the area to see architectures and Cloud Gate instead. Some pictures below…
One of my favourite building in Chicago – Aqau Condominium designed by Jeanne Gang; largest project ever awarded to an American firm headed by a woman!

The infamous “bean” – Cloud Gate

Anyways, back to food. Sweetwater was less than 5 minute walk away from my hotel and 10minute walk from Cloud Gate. MJ and I were basically the first ones to arrive with plenty of space. There’s a nice bar area indoor with some seats with booth or a choice at the patio which is where we went for to enjoy the great weather.
sweetwater tavern & grill

We noticed that they were doing a promo with Two Brothers. $4 each for a draft so we each got one. :)
sweetwater beer
sweetwater beer

We started off with some AMAZING Cheese Curds! They were by far the BEST I HAVE HAD IN MY LIFE! Super crispy, cheesy and melts in your mouth with the refreshing dip!
sweetwater cheese curds
sweetwater cheese curds

Initially I wanted to get the eggs Benedict but since I have that quite often in Toronto and needed a fuller brunch to kick start the day, I went for the buffalo chicken wrap which also came with a side of salad.
sweetwater buffalo chicken wrap
sweetwater buffalo chicken wrap

MJ went for BLT sandwich.
sweetwater BLT sandwich

Both wrap and sandwich were extremely filling! That’s what you get for American food 😉.

The BLT sandwich was definitely better than my chicken wrap as the sauces (Caesar + buffalo sauce) were just way too much for my liking. And… this is an after picture of my wrap because I couldn’t finish it and it started tearing apart… whoops for messy-eater! I had to demolish the wrap to avoid the sauce… and unfortunately this was the last of it…I did not finish it.
sweet water chicken wrap

Overall, great service and big portion size food. Great for brunch or a game-night/patio place to hang out. Lastly, it was approximately $12 per person with tips and tax included. Not bad. :) Oh and I miss those cheese curds!

Sweetwater Tavern and Grille
225 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60601
(312) 698-7111

Sweetwater Tavern and Grille on Urbanspoon

Restaurant Information

* Restaurant Name
Sweetwater Tavern and Grille
* Overall
* Neighborhood / Cuisine
The Loop
* Street Address
225 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60601
* Phone
(312) 698-7111

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