A couple of you have asked if I’ve been to Bent before and wanted to see a review or see some of Bent’s pictures so here goes the delayed post…

Bent (@BentRestaurant), another restaurant opened by the infamous Susur Lee (@SusurLee)…or more by his son’s (more readings from Toronto Life).

For a friend’s birthday in December 2012, we went for their $60 prix fix menu which consisted the following…which was plenty! I adored every dish!

Throughout the night, MisterJay (bf’s nickname on my blog :)) commented that the meal was amazing and it reminded him of Lee’s which everyone at the table all gave him a weird stare and all said “because it is from Lee’s!”. Explicitly, even to those who didn’t know Bent was from Susur Lee, you can sure tell some similarities if you have had Lee’s before.

We got a bottle of Bent x Izumi Sake to start. It’s a house blend sake. One of the best and purest sakes I’ve had. Apparently my friend said izumis are generally not availabe in all restaurants.
sake bentbent sake

Here’s just a preview of our shared dishes. If you didn’t know, Bent & all Lee’s restaurants are generally served in shared portions. Recommended of 2-3 dishes per person.

Some pickled vegetables to get you started!
bent pickled vegetables

SAKE OYSETR SHOT– lemon grass, shallots, ponzu marinated salmon roe
bent oyster shot

Daily Fresh Oysters & Yuzu Mignonette and Singapore Slaw Salad
– The singapore slaw salad was actually not on the menu but it was made especially for someone at our table who has a nut allergy since he wasn’t able to eat some of the stuff on the table. How kind of the waiter and chef!
bent oysters

FOIE GRAS AND CHICKEN PATE – caramelized onion marmalade, Chinese olives, brioche crouton
bent foie gras and chicken plate

PEAR AND GORGONZOLA CHEESE PUFF PASTRY TART (left) -Caramelized Onion and Fig, Olive, and Arugula Salad
RARE FILET OF BEEF (right) -Lightly Seared Beef, Herbed Olive Oil, Momiji Oroshi, Diced Scallion, Ume Ponzu, Melted Beer Cheese Crouton This dish was definitely one of my favs!
bent tart & rare filet of beef

– Hamachi with nori seasoning
– Magoro with red shiso
– Sockeye salmon with calamansi lime
– European wild snapper with momiji oroshi
bent nigiri

TUNA & WATERMELON CEVICHE – shaved red onion, cilantro, crispy shallots,
fresh citrus juice, rocoto chilli.
My fav for sure! very refreshing!
bent tuna watermelon ceviche

KALE & TOFU SALAD – kale, marinated miso tofu, grated Asian pear, sesame dressing
bent kale tofu salad

CRISPY CHICKEN DUMPLING – Roasted Chorizo, Maple Syrup and Smoked Chili Lime Glaze, Parmesan Emulsion
bent dumpling

SMOKED COD TARO TACO – chipotle mayonnaise, cilantro, tomatillo, jicama
bent cod taco

BRAISED SPICED SHORT RIBS – black garlic, parsnip puree, roasted duck fat potato, sour cream, chives
SHANGHAINESE STEAMED PORK BELLY – romano bean & turnip puree, sautéed brandy apples, wolf berries
– This is the best meat/ main combo – love it! Everything was cooked so tender and flavourful.
bent short ribs steamed pork belly truffle

Overall, everything was scrumptious! I enjoyed every cold and hot dish! I liked how it’s shared portion sizes so that everyone can try a bit of everything. Will definitely come back again! Lee’s never disappoints me!

777 Dundas West
Toronto, ON M6J1V1
(647) 352-0092

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