JaBistro(@JaBistro222 ) opened around November 2012 under Guu’s empire. It’s not an izakaya type of restaurant but more for fine-dining and offers sushi/sashimi. They also take reservations!

Upon seated, The Grid TO was also there having an interview and photoshoot. Here’s their article about JaBistro.

We were seated at their sushi bar where we can see the chef’s preparation and making of the sushi/sashimi. They actually ask you where you would like to seat when you make your reservation. There are also other seats for bigger parties along the side. And from what I have read on their twitter, they also have a patio area. JaBistro is actually very active on twitter and instagram… all lovely and tempting scrumptious pictures!

Here’s our happy chef mastering at his best- Koji Tashiro
jabistro chef

My friends and I (group of 3) shared the following…

Sashimi Platter ($50) plus $10 extra for lobster
– Everything was super fresh! It varies from day-to-day depending on the day’s special or “best catch”.
jabistro sashimi

Atlantic salmon sushi $16
It’s not the ordinary nigiri type sushi but blow-torched and in rectangular shaped. By blow-torching the sushi, it brings out the oil and juice out of the salmon. It’s a tad spicy with the pepper/jalapeno and spices.
jabistro salmon sushi

JaBistroll – salmon, snow crab, uni, tobiko $22
– With the name, I thought it would be superb as their roll is named after the restaurant but it didn’t meet my expectation. It war rather ordinary.

Nama – classic sushi 7pcs $25
The class nigri sushi were superb. I liked how glossy the sushis look (I believe the chef put on a thin layer of soya sauce or some type of oil?). Each bite melts in your mouth.
jabistro sushi

Aburi – blowtorched sushi 7pcs $27
Aburi seems to be another creative way of serving sushis these days. It’s blow-torched to lock in some of the taste and provides a slightly different texture or flavour. The downside is you don’t really get to taste the true flavour of the fish compared to the classic. There’s quite a bit of sauces, spices for these Aburi. They were a good experience to try.
jabistro aburi
jabistro aburi
jabistro aburi

These fried shrimp heads were from our sashimi’s platter. Crunchy! Not a lot of people would eat shrimp heads but that’s not me. 🙂

From the lobster, Jabistro also made a miso soup out of the lobster head. The miso soup was extremely flavourful. Great way to end the meal.

Verdict: The sushi and sashimi were prepared fresh but I thought it was on the pricier side. I liked how they offered the classic and traditional sushi but also a more modern type (i.e. blow torched) to switch it up a bit. Unfortunately, the timing of the sushis were quite off. The Aburi sushi came first before the classic and it took way too long for the classic to come right after. Aburi being such a flavourful sushi dish, the classic should have been served first….that’s just my personal opinion. But overall, it was all very delicious!

I would recommend Jabistro if you’ve never been. My next visit may be to try out their lunch menu.

222 Richmond St West
Toronto ON m5v1w4

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