Koyoi have been around for a while, it’s close to Yonge and Bloor. Unfortunately they do not open for lunch so I had to wait for a dinner time to visit. I went on a Monday early night (around ~6PM) to find it rather quiet and empty. I had a choice to sit inside or outside at their patio on a nice summery day but I picked indoor just because it was way too hot outside that day. I sat next to a big window instead.

Koyoi has a after 5pm deal on Tuesday to Thursday where you get can an app for just $5 if you order a drink.

I started off with Beef tataki; it was a store favourite.
It had a good flavor with lots of onions (if that’s what you like).
koyoi beef tataki

Service was also very friendly; waitress had a great smile on her face and notified me that that okonomiyaki may be too big for me when I asked her about the portion size. Hence, I went with the udon instead.

Udon was similar to Manpuku’s style with great broth and chewy udon ($7.99). I thought they could have added more to the udon than just that small piece of fish meat…maybe more seaweed or a slice of imitated crab meat?
koyoi udon
koyoi udon
koyoi udon

Overall, great place to be especially for after work and if you’re looking for a place to chill and have a drink. I just wished they would also serve lunch.

2 Irwin Avenue
Toronto, ON M4Y1K9

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