Café Boulud – Four Seasons Hotel, Summerlicious 2013

 café boulud  café boulud
This is Café Boulud’s (CafeBouludTO) first year participating in Summerlicious as it opened just less than a year ago in Four Seasons Hotel at Yorkville Toronto. Their lunch menu is $25 while their dinner is $45.

café boulud

Chicken Galantine – green almonds, black olives, watercress, mustard crisp
– I don’t normally like to eat smushy texture food but this was really good! I liked the mix of almond and olives within the chicken galantine to add some texture and flavour.
 café boulud chicken galantine
 café boulud  chicken galantine

Marinated Squid Salad – baby gem lettuce, cilantro, jalapeno and lime gremolata
– Amazing! Some squid was crispy and fried like calamari. The jalapeno and lime juice blended well together with the salad.
 café boulud  squid salad

The main courses within their menu on site was slightly different than what was displayed on the summerlicious website.

I selected the
Roasted Cumbrae Beef – Tuscan potatoes, salsa verde broccoli rabe, calabrian chili
– This was a little disappointing. I asked for medium rare but it turned out too cooked (although the picture looks medium rare or more pinkish but that’s due to the lighting). The beef was a bit rough and a number of tendons so I didn’t even finish it. The veggies on the side were pretty good though.
 café boulud  beef
 café boulud  beef

Last but not least, the astounding desserts!

Passion Fruit and Banana Sundae – mango, vanilla crumble, meringue
– My sundae was probably the best desserts I’ve had for all licious meals. It was similar to my experience in HK at Dessert Kitchen (my post here). The icecream was flavourful and I liked the various crunchy crumble and meringue included. I heard their other sundae (Tonka Bean Sundae with candied pecans, maple caramel, chocolate brownie, tonka bean Chantilly) was amazing too! Highly recommend their desserts!! I would totally come back just for the desserts!
 café boulud  sundae
 café boulud  sundae

Chocolate Gateau cocoa nibs, praline, chocolate mousse, limoncello sorbet
– The chocolate gateau was not as amazing as the sundaes. Although the lemon sorbet was refreshing
 café boulud chocolate cake

Verdict: I would recommend it especially for summerlicious deals. I especially liked their appetizers and desserts. Their sundaes were just absolutely amazing. Their service was friendly and attentive as well where several servers would come back to ask how your dishes were. Summerlicious definitely introduced Café Boulud to me that I’ll return!

Café Boulud – Toronto – Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
60 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, Ontario

Cafe Boulud on Urbanspoon


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