Vaticano, Summerlicious 2013

Vaticano Trattoria (@VaticanoToronto) is an Italian restaurant located in Yorkville. It is actually interestingly situated underground but there are areas for patios. The restaurant itself (inside) has a relatively low ceiling but it seems like a cozy place. We decided to sit outside due to the great weather that we are getting in Toronto these days.

For summerlicious, they offered a $20 lunch menu

For appetizers, we got the following…
Cozze Gaeta – Mussels with fresh Tomato Sauce
– The mussels were a bit smaller than expected. Could be overcooked?
vaticano mussels

Calamari alla Griglia – Grilled calamari with Vaticano dressing
– The calamari was served as whole, which I liked! What I mean by that is it wasn’t fully cut as picture below or served in clumps. It was a refreshing dish and extremely delicious. Highly recommend getting it!
vaticano calamari

Filetto In padella – Sea Bass Fillet in a lemon capers sauce
My friend and I was jokingly mentioning that we hope we don’t get a small piece of sea bass as it was lunch. But to our surprise, Vaticano gave us two big fillets of sea bass with refreshing lemon caper sauce. With minimal spices, it brought out the freshness of the fish! Note to be careful of the bones.
vaticano sea bass
vaticano sea bass

Lastly, the summerlicious menu on the website did not what the desserts were. Upon finishing our meal, the waiter kindly informed us of the following 2 choices…
Chocolate Truffle Cake
– I didn’t try this but I was told it was very chocolatey.
vaticano chocolate cake

Apple Crumble + Ice Cream
– My apple crumble + ice cream may look ordinary but it was astounding! It was served warm and similar to an apple pie. The icecream just added the greatness to it! Loved it.
vaticano apple crumble
vaticano apple crumble

Overall, great experience! Customer service was also very attentive and friendly. Vaticano definitely exceeded my expectations. I liked how there’s veggies in all my dishes (app + main), definitely a healthier choice! I may consider coming back for their normal menu to try out their antipastis and pastas.

Vaticano Restaurant
25 Bellair Stmore Toronto, ON M5R 3N7

Vaticano Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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