Big Daddy’s

Big Daddy’s is a local mom and pop’s store in Richmond Hill. Don’t expect anything fancy but their burgers are amazing!

They have the old-fashion booth styles with wooden bar tops and a small CRT tv at the corner of the restaurant.

We were friendly greeted by the waitress upon seated. MJ and I went on a Wednesday night and noticed they also serve fish and chips for $8.99. But MJ kept telling me that their burger is good so I really wanted to try it first. We went for the 2-can-dine for $12.99 that was not advertised anywhere…but somehow MJ knows about it and the waitress honoured it.

2 burgers + 2 pop with a choice of side (salad, fries or onion rings (additional 50 cents).

After about 15-20 minutes, our burgers and sides arrived! It was a decent portion with ketchup, radish, mustard, tomatoes, lettuce, onions and pickles in it already. The patty was served hot with the bun slightly toasted. The burger was delicious, it was just cooked right and juicey in every bite.
Our fries and onion rings were great as well…can’t complain.

Verdict: Great burger! Not amazing as Burger’s Priest or HolyChucks but good enough for a local mom and pop’s store…gotta support the locals! The burger and fries were filling… I was stuffed. So far, I’ve only had their burgers but am wanting to try their other things on the menu such as fish and chips and breakfast.

Big Daddy’s
460 Elgin Mills Rd E Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3A5
(905) 508-5747
Big Daddy's on Urbanspoon


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