Congee King (靠得住靚粥), Hong Kong

After a long day of walking in Central Hong Kong and at the Peak, we took the street car (which HK people call it, Ding Ding) to Wan Chai for some braised beef noodles that my dad read up on in a magazine. But when we got there, it was closed! The man there was literally just pulling down the gates!
hong kong ding ding

We were disappointed and tired, but that didn’t stop us from searching for good food still. Luckily, we found Congee King that was on the same street and they had the michelin character on their posters so we thought we can give it a shot. It actually says it’s Michelar recommended.

Very tiny place (like most HK restaurants/cuisines) but relatively clean and space-efficiently used. They had small drawers in their tables to store napkins, chopsticks and spoons…how convenient and space-saving!
As we looked around the restaurant, there were various signs on their signature dishes and we ordered all of them such as….

Dumpling Noodle (Won-Ton Mein) – nothing too special about it. Their dumplings were huge though but most dumplings in HK are big like that. Can’t complain. Despite the name, we didn’t try their congee. If you’ve had it before, I’ll like to know how they are.

Fish Skin (cooked) – these were pretty good…crunchy,served cold and I especially like their sauce. Refreshing!

Pig liver – they aren’t your everyday chewy meaty pig liver but these were actually easy on the mouth, very tender and easy to eat. It’s high in cholestrol but it restores your blood. 🙂

Overall, I liked Congee King. I’m not sure if they really did receive the michelin stars or if it was just for marketing but the food was decent. Quite different from what I normally have…especially the fish skin and pig liver. Definitely something that I cannot eat everywhere and worth a try!

For more reviews from the locals, visit OpenRice (HK food/restaurants review) here.

Congee King
地址 : 灣仔克街7號地下
Phone #: 2882 3268


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