Mean Bao

mean bao
I saw a place in a foodcourt near OCAD and AGO… same foodcourt as Manpuku (my post of Manpuku here) called Mean Bao (@MeanBaoToronto). In Chinese, “mean bao” means bread or buns.

From their menu and pictures online, they basically offered dumplings and steamed buns/baos just like banh mi boys or momofuku with pork belly or braised beef.

I decided on the Pork Belly Bao just because I liked pork belly and I can have a good comparison with others. It only took them about a few minutes to prepare my bao as I was the only customer at that time.
mean bao
mean bao

Similar to Banh mi Boys, they added the pickled vegetables from the Vietnamese bun with hoisin sauce and of course a slice of juicey pork belly! The bao/bun is a tad bigger than others. I would say it was very similar to BmBs.

I liked it a lot overall. Great portion size! Will come back for a snack. Highly recommend it.

More Yelp Reviews here >>

Mean Bao
275 Dundas Street W. Suite 19
Toronto, ON M5T 3K1
(416) 850-5616


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