Yoco Frozen Yogurt

I occasionally take a small stroll around Yorkville just to get some fresh air, shop a little and grab a gelato. Until recently, my friend pointed out Yoco Frozen Yogurt(@YOCOfy) out to me.
yoco yorkville

It’s a small underground store, close to Sushi Inn. Yoco is similar to Menchies and ‎Yogurtys… basically the self-serve yogurt, where you grab a cup, get as much yogurt as you want and add toppings.

They have a sign that offers some other flavours that are not in the machine such as lychee and mango. The staff there was nice enough to grab a tub of lychee and gave me a taste…however, it was too icey so I only got a scoop of that.

I then added the normal yogurt + green tea into my bowl with a few boobas (these bubbles with flavoured liquid in them).

yoco yorkville
yoco yorkville

yoco yorkville

All-in-all, it was good but nothing stood out from the others. I’ll come back if I’m in the area and craving for some desserts that are on the healthier side.  Cheers!

Yoco Frozen Yogurt
128 Cumberland St.
Toronto, ON M5R 1A6
(416) 964-1888
Facebook YocoFrozen Yogurt Page

Yoco Frozen Yogurt on Urbanspoon


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