The Kathi Roll Express

kathi roll express

The Kathi Roll Express (@tkretoronto) just opened up around 2 months ago; offering authentic indian roll/wraps around the corner of Yonge and Bloor. I’ve been there about 3-4 times already and have tried a couple of their Fusion wrapped in Tempting Parantha rolls.

kathi roll express
kathi roll express
kathi roll expresskathi roll express

I have to say that they are very savvy on social media. I tweeted them just right before lunch asking for a recommendation and they responded within an hour. I believe they also offer a 10% discount to University of Toronto students.

According to their website, Kathi rolls are one of the oldest street foods that originated during the British Era. Savoury barbecued meats or veggies were rolled into a whole-wheat parantha – a griddled Indian flat bread – then layered with an egg. Then rolled up into parchment paper, twitted both ends and handed to British Army Office to eat without getting their hands dirty.

I tried 3 of their fusion parantha wraps, all were delicious and spicy. 3 are actually quite similar … if you were to have me taste them all at the same time, I might not be able to distinguish the difference between them. I remember the Kung Pao Szechewan was the spicest!

    • Chicken Tikka Mexican Style Roll – bbq’d chicken cooked in mexican spices & smoked chipotle pepper (small $5.99)

kathi roll express

    • Chicken Kung Pao Szechewan Style Roll – spicy stir-fried chicken, peanuts, veggies and chillis

kathi roll express
”kathi roll express roll chicken

  • Korean Street Style BBQ Chicken Roll – stir-fried chicken, soy sauce, honey garlic & sesame seeds

kathi roll express Korean bbq chicken roll
kathi roll express

Oh and not to mention, they also offer these Mango Lassi and Mango shake drinks. And Indian coke by Coca-Cola!

I personally think Kathi Roll is like a mini shawarma or taco wrap but the parantha wrap is SO MUCH better and tastier…a lot softer and spicier due to the Indian and Asian fusion.

My friend from India told me that KRE is really authentic and where he would normally find these wraps at the streets of India. Their decor resembles the slum streets of India…with their patio, the walls and music.

I’ve been back for a few times so I definitely would recommend it. It’s a $3.99 wrap that’s great for a grab-and-go lunch or a quick snack. They also offer a variety of dishes that I’ve yet to try.
kathi roll expresskathi roll express

The Kathi Roll Express
692 Yonge St Toronto, ON
(647) 748-8573

TKRE The Kathi Roll Express on Urbanspoon


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