Japas Oysters & Bar


About 6 months ago, I bought a deal on Buyotopia where for $35, I can spend $70 at Japas Oysters & Bar. As it was expiring on August 10th, I finally decided to use it and tried a whole week of calling to make a reservations but no one picked up the phone! Luckily, I found their Facebook and messaged them through it to make a reservation and was told that they were having problems with the phone. Nonetheless, I got there and am writing this post.


Japas Oysters & Bar (@japasoysterbar) is situated just right next to the Christie Station subway station. There’s a convenient green P parking just right behind the restaurant or if you are lucky, you can find free parking on that side street.

We started off with a Kirin beer each. As we were using the deal, we were informed we couldn’t order from their specials such that it was $10 a pitcher on Thursday nights. Boo.
japas kirin beer

We then ordered the following…
Takowasabi ($5)
– not that amazing. Really bland. Guu’s was a lot better!
japas takowasabi

Tuna tartare ($8) served with baguette
– This was more of an avocado tartare more than tuna. Everything had no taste basically. Everything combined just didn’t taste right. Baguette was overly oily.
japas tuna tartare

Kumamoto Oysters. Half dozen ($20)
– It came with 3 sauces – there was a sweet and sour one, a spicy one and I couldn’t remember the last one. Oysters were decent. They can’t really go wrong as long as they are fresh.
japas kumamoto oysters
japas kumamoto oysters

Kushitaki set ($10) – 5 assorted skewers
– 3 Pork + chicken + beef skewers. These were probably the best of the meal. It would have been nicer if it was 2 of each meat instead.
japas skewers
japas skewers

Oshi sushi tasting ($13)
– It looks good but when you try to clam the sushi with your chopsticks, everything falls apart. For some odd reason, these sushi were just really bland.
japas sushi

Aburi Saba sushi ($8) – Rod-shaped sushi topped with torched Japanese ceviche-style mackerel
– Similar to the oshi sushi tasting above…everything just falls apart on your chopsticks. The blow torch clearly did not bring out the flavour of the mackerel. Fin Izakaya totally does it better (my review here).
japas aburi saba sushi

All-in-all, we spent around $85 with taxes and tips included. I would have been extremely disappointed if I had to pay full-price for this meal. But even with the deal, I didn’t think it was totally worth it. I’m not sure if it’s because of the change of owners but they need to step it up a little with the food. However, a great place to chill with a big group of friends when you need to grab a drink after work.


Japas Oysters & Bar
692 Bloor Street West Toronto ON

Japas Japanese Tapas and Oyster Bar on Urbanspoon


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