Red Mango, USA

While waiting for my flight out of Chicago O’Hare back to Toronto, I had a few hours to spare. I was actually in terminal 2 but to realize that all other terminals are all still connected where I can freely walk from one to the other… even after security. =)
Terminal 1 where most of the international flights were was definitely way better than the #2 because I found Garrett’s Popcorn, Cheesecake and Red Mango (@RedMango) there!

I was debating between cheesecake or Red Mango but chose Red Mango after all because I can’t find that in Canada.

I got a small cup of Pomegranate yogurt with 2 additional toppings – strawberry and blueberry for $6-7USD… definitely more expensive than Menchie’s or that cheesecake slice for $3.

Nonetheless, it was refreshing, scrumptious, and healthy… made my wait go by faster and happier. Ice-cream/yogurt never cease to make me happy!


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