Day & Night Steakhouse

It looks like I forgot to write a review for Day and Night Steakhouse even though I have visited a few times.

For Mother’s Day, MJ and I brought his mom here. They only offered a set menu during this busy weekend. It was a choice between 3 set course meals at $50,$65 or $180 for 2 people. There were also a few apps and entrees that u can choose from but very limited. We opted for the $50 and $65 menus.

The differences between the prices were really the appetizer where for the $65 set menu, you get a small piece of lobster, abalone and shrimp. For the $50 set menu, you get the following…
Shrimp, smoked salmon and duck breast

For the $180 for two, the app offered a more seafood selection/ tower.

The second course was also a appetizer of soup.
We all had a choice of soup, Lobster Bisque or French Onion Soup.
I was quite disappointed with the soups. They didn’t bake the French Onion soup with a pastry on top. The Lobster Bisque just had a cheese and bits of lobster in the bowl and then they poured the hot broth/soup in front of you where the cheese can melt.

During other visits, I’ve also had their oysters that were decent. And their Salad which came with an assortment of dressings to choose from!

For main, I picked the medium rib eye. MJ picked the medium rare rack of lamb.

His mom got the Steak.

In my earlier visits, I’ve tried their seafood pasta….it was alright but I’ve had a lot better ones for sure.

Lastly, the dessert was a dissatisfier. It wasn’t even ice cream. More like melted ice cream with a mix of fruits and raisins that totally did not make a good combination. Not a very good way to end the meal.

Overall, the meal wasn’t bad. Desserts can definitely be improved. I thought their set menus were priced relatively fair. It’s a nice comfortable atmosphere to be at. Note that their service are generally quicker as it is opened by Chinese people… we like quicker service. 🙂

Day & Night Steakhouse
548 Carlton Rd #201, Markham, ON L3R 0C6
(905) 305-9192

Day & Night Angus Steak and Raw Bar on Urbanspoon


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