Origin North

Origin North (@OriginNorth) finally opened up in North York at Bayview Village after their success at the Queen St. location, Origin (my old post here). I think their menus are very similar across all 3 restaurants (Origin, Origin Liberty and Origin North).
Origin North is not direct inside Bayview Village but they built something at their north parking lot.
origin north

I would say they are very similar to Joey’s at Don Mills’ set up with patios, tall ceiling, relatively dimmed lights and loud music. *photo credit to TorontoLife

I started my night with an Origin Slush.
– Refreshing for summer. You can get this in virgin if you like.
 origin north slush

Origin North is a tapas restaurant where dishes are usually shared. The waitress kindly informed us that it’s about 2 dishes per person so 6 of us ordered away with the following….

Under the mozzarella bar, we got the
BUFALA + pear + rosemary oil + pine nut + honey ($17) and FIORE DE LATTE + truffle + mushrooms + spinach
– The Fiore De Latte with truffle and mushrooms was definitely the better one. It had a richer flavour and I personally like mushrooms. =)
origin north bufala
origin north fiore de latte

TUNA SALAD + asian pear + avocado + spicy ponzu ($17)
– I liked this salad but it would have been better if the tuna was not soaked at the bottom with all the ponzu sauce. I loved the crunch rice Krispy in it.
origin north tuna salad

BAY SCALLOP SEVICHE + coconut + lime + frozen chili dressing + plantain
– This dish was refreshing but smaller than I thought. They could have provided a few more chips knowing that we had 6 people to share.
origin north scallop seviche

RIGATONI + smoked tomato + fresh ricotta ($15)
– This was probably one of the more below expectation dish. The pasta was really normal
origin north rigatoni

CHINOIS DUCK + flour tortilla + cucumber + hoisin + sriracha + sour cream ($17)
– I remember having this dish at Origin at Queen and it was equally good. Very similar to Chinese’s peking duck. My Origin @ Queen post here from almost 3 years ago.
origin north chinois duck
 origin north chinois duck

MISO BLACK COD + bok choy & ginger sauce ($33)
– Black cod is always good. Can’t go wrong with it.
origin north black cod

SWEET PEA RISOTTO + mascarpone + mint ($14)
– The risotto is probably the best dish out of all! If we can get seconds, the risotto will be the one! It was scrumptious.
origin north risotto

Lastly, for desserts, we ordered the following to share… although it was difficult to stab 6 spoons/forks within it.
DULCE DE LECHE + yogurt + frozen raspberry + lemon cake ($10)
– This was really good! I would recommend getting it. It was refreshing and a healthier choice indeed with all the yogurt and raspberry. I liked the texture, similar to a parfait.
origin north dessert

TWO SHARE – Truffle + maple cotton candy + cheesecake + chocolate pudding.
– We got this because it had a cool presentation from afar but who knew that it came so small! It is really for “two” people to share or maybe one.
origin north dessert

origin north 2 share

Overall, some items did definitely stand out to me such as the risotto and duce de leche (dessert) but I thought it was a bit overpriced in general. They also served all of our dishes all at once which made it difficult to savour and enjoy each piece. Some of the appetizer pieces came later than the main/meat dish! If Origin serves tapas, they should make items easier to share or offer utensils with the dish. I don’t think I’ll be back again although it was a great experience.

Origin North
2901 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, ON M2N5Z7
(416) 479-8833

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4 thoughts on “Origin North

  1. “or one” for the dessert!! hilarious 🙂
    the $33 miso black cod definitely sounded a bit pricey. is that the going rate elsewhere for miso black cod as well?
    thanks for posting this! I’ve heard they’ve had some growing pains, particularly with service and food consistency.

    • hmmm i would say the miso black cod at $33 is a bit at the high end. i’ve had some with equal or better quality for less the price.

    • i think it’s still worth a try. the risotto at the bayview village location was really good. i recommend it. have a great time there tomorrow!

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