Kekou Gelato House

Kekou Gelato House (@KekouGelato) is a new gelato place that opened on Baldwin Street and have been often named the “Best Gelato place in Toronto!”. What’s so special about it? It offers a twist of Asian flavours with Italian Gelato such as durian, pistachio green tea, spicy mango, wasabi chocoalate…and much more!

kekou gelato housekekou gelato house
night & day look of Kekou Gelato House

kekou gelato housekekou gelato house
Apparently everyday their offering of flavours are slightly different. My friend was telling me how she had soursop and strawberry lychee which I didn’t see at all. For a small cup, you can have 2 scoops of 2 different flavours or a medium with 3 flavours and there’s also large or get a bucket to take home with you.

From my previous visits, here are the flavours that I’ve tried…

  • Vietnamese coffee – very strong coffee flavour as if you’re really drinking vietnamese coffee.
  • black sesame – I have to say black sesame is my favourite. I loved the crunchiness of the seasame within, it’s tasty and full of flavour!

kekou gelato house
kekou gelato house


  • coconut sticky rice – this one was alright. very clumpy like sticky rice.
  • ginger – this was actually my least favourite but that could be because I don’t really like ginger. The tasting of it in a spoon tasted alright but when I’m eating a big scoop of it, it was way too strong for me! There were clumps of ginger in it where I find it very spicy? …but if you are a ginger fan, this can be your favourite.
  • green tea pistachio – this was one of my favourite too. strong green tea flavour yet with pistachio bits within!

  • kekou gelato house

    Overall, great place for dessert or gelato! Black sesame is highly recommended by me! Oh and of course I tried a spoon of durian flavour, it was good and natural. Definitely worth a try..even if it’s a spoon of it. Would definitely be back to try out other flavours…maybe in the spring/summer time. 🙂 cheers!

    Kekou Gelato House
    13 Baldwin Street
    Toronto, ON M5T1L1

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