Dlish Cupcakes

A friend recently introduced Dlish Cupcakes (@DlishCupcakes) to me, in which she said it was better than Prairie Girls. Although I don’t have much of a sweet tooth or even being a cupcake fan, I have to agree that Dlish Cupcakes are deeelicious.

Their store at Yorkville reminded me of Sprinkles in the States with the window case and colour-coded cupcakes (see my post on them at Chicago here).

Dlish cupcakes are $3 for one, $17 for a box of 6 or $33 for a box of 12. Apparently if you are buying only 1 and want a pretty box, you have to pay an additional $1 or $2 (can’t clearly remember) for the box + ribbon. Buying 4 or more will not charge you additional. They have a variety of ribbons to tailor your needs for the gift box such as good luck, all the best, happy birthday…etc etc.

I tried the following flavours (clock-wise)…

  • cookies n’ cream
  • red velvet
  • strawberry

    • salted caramel
    • maple walnut

    Out of the 5 flavours, my favourites are the red velvet and maple walnut. Here’s their offerings/ menu, http://www.dlishcupcakes.com/menu.

    In general, I think Dlish cupcakes are smaller or more expensive compared to Sprinkles or Prairie Girls (Sprinkles are $3.50 each but at least 2-3 times bigger than Dlish; Prairie Girls are $2 for mini and $3.25 for regular). Dlish’ icing is definitely soft and light as opposed to the very heavy and hard icing. The cupcake itself is also really soft and not too too sweet but that could be the flavours that I’ve selected.

    Dlish Cupcakes
    848-A Yonge St. Toronto ON, M4W 2H1

    Dlish Cupcakes Yorkville on Urbanspoon


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