Vicinity Rewards @ “I Went to Philly”

Do you ever find your wallet bulky? How many loyalty cards do you actually have in there? Being heavily involved within the loyalty cards world (my life outside of blogging), it is difficult to maintain customer engagement, increase loyalty and to keep a fair share in people’s wallet. With all merchants trying to launch their own loyalty cards (for insights,data and engagement), it just adds the additional space to all of our wallets where each one of them fights for a spot to be top of wallet. I personally have at least 5 loyalty cards in my wallet such as Scene, Airmiles, Optimum, Aeroplan and a local coffee shop stamp card just to name a few. How many do you actually pull out and use at a daily basis?

image from Quicken Loans

I’ve always dreamed of having just ONE card that will allow me to earn or redeem at various stores/ restaurants or even having an app like Starbucks that will allow me to scan and earn/redeem. Vicinity fulfills this dream of mine – providing a better and easier way to get rewarded for purchasing.

Vicinity is launched by Rogers Communications (definitely added credibility when I found out about that), that allows customers to carry one loyalty card and can be used in multiple merchants; win-win for both customer and local merchants!

Vicinity sent me this loyalty card with some freebies loaded. The card is designed to help discover small and local restaurants and business in the Greater Area Toronto.
Check out their site here to find out who are participating in this program.
vicinity rewards

It’s incredibly easy to understand and use. Use the card when you make a purchase at the participating businesses and you’ll earn points. Over time, these points accumulate and can be redeemed for in-store discounts and special offers.

I downloaded the app and took the Vicinity card out for a lunch spin and noticed I Went to Philly was nearby. I would have never noticed or thought of trying I Went to Philly if it wasn’t for Vicinity.


There weren’t any particular signs or stickers outside I Went to Philly that indicates that they are a partner of Vicinity. I think it would be nice if they have something like SPC where a sticker is shown on their windows. Upon deciding which sandwich to get and ordering at the cashier, I did notice a sign that describes the program.
”Ivicinity rewards

The folks at I Went to Philly definitely knew what to expect when I pulled out my Vicinity card.

I ordered the The Works sandwich which encompasses provolone onions, mushrooms, green peppers and whiz. Each sandwich comes with AA rib eye beef or premium quality chicken breast and I went for the rib eye beef! 🙂

They scanned my Vicinity card and noticed I can redeem a free sandwich and basically honored it for me. Just quick and easy like that!

I thought the merchant could have helped promote the card a little bit too by proactively asking if the customer has a Vicinity card already or if they would like to get one to earn rewards.

I went to philly cheese steak

Anyways, after about a 5 minute wait, my number was called and my warm and fresh THE WORKS sandwich was ready! The bun was extremely soft and fluffy and was served slightly warm. The beef was definitely premium quality along with the melted cheese and mushroom. Mmmmmm it was amazing!
I went to philly cheese steak
I went to philly cheese steak

This is definitely better than the Philadelphia cheese steak sandwiches that I’ve had at Philadelphia!

Verdict – the philly cheese steak sandwich was amazing. Will definitely be back to I Went to Philly for more if you’re feeling extremely hungry and can take the extra calories. 🙂

Vicinity was again very easy to use! I really would like to see more businesses participating in the program. I believe they are expanding the program as well so more offers should be coming. Looking forward to seeing this program sky-rocket!

Check out to see how you can get your own Vicinity card!

Watch this video if you are a business owner and wants to participate with Vicinity Rewards…

* Note: This meal was complimentary but the views and opinions on this post remains unbiased

I Went to Philly
462 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y 1W9
Hours: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

I Went To Philly on Urbanspoon


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