Teppan Kenta

teppan kentateppan kenta
Another Japanese place that recently opened up in downtown Toronto in early September, Teppan Kenta(@TeppanKenta) that replaced Nejibee Izakaya (my review of Nejibee here).

Decor was almost identical to Nejibee Izakaya with barely any refreshments except that I noticed a black chalkboard on one wall for them to write their info and Happy Birthday (or maybe I missed it the last time I was here). They kept the high teppanyaki bar table.
teppan kenta

My friends and I arrived on a Thursday night around 8:30PM to find it relatively full! And lots of Japanese customers, which mean it is legit. :p

We started off with the Takowasa – Chopped Octopus marinated in Wasabi ($3.5)
Have to try one of these wherever I go. It was decent but so odd that it does not accompany with seaweed.
teppan kenta takowasa

Mentai Mayo Salad – Cod Roe and Tofu Salad ($6)
The tofu was really good but barely any cod roe. There were a lot of tomatoes and mayo.
teppan kenta mentai mayo salad

Okonomiyaki DX (Hiroshima style) Japanese Pancake with Pork, Squid and Shrimp ($15)
Definitely the Hiroshima style with the noodles within and they tend to be harder rather than smushy. Very filling! So lucky that we split this by 4 people. It was cute that they offered these small teppanyaki spatula to help you serve.
teppan kenta okonomiyaki
teppan kenta okonomiyaki
teppan kenta okonomiyaki

Gyu Steak – Angus Striploin served with Wasabi & Soy Sauce ($10)
Cooked just right at medium rare.
teppan kenta gyu steak

Takoyaki – Crispy Octopus Balls ($5.5)
These were good. Reminded me of the ones I’ve had at Guu! I like it served warm :).
teppan kenta takoyaki

I left the meal a little earlier. My friends continued to order a few more dishes though and they all commented that Teppan Kenta was really good and would most likely come back again! Great outing for a group of friends. I noticed on their twitter that they have quite a few private events so it could be a great private dining event for birthdays or corporate gatherings.

Teppan Kenta
24 Wellesley St W. Toronto

Teppan Kenta on Urbanspoon


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