Kingyo Izakaya

kingyo izakaya

Finally got a chance to try out Kingyo Izakaya (@KingyoToronto), another Vancouver Japanese izakaya place opened in Toronto; similar to Guu Izakaya and Hapa Izakaya.

I noticed Kingyo actually took the spot of the old StoneGrill restaurant. It’s spacious with individual small tables and a few bigger communal tables and a sushi bar. The atmosphere is rather dimmed.
MJ and I were comfortably seated at a communal table with a fish tank in the middle.
kingyo izakayakingyo izakaya

We started off with a Sapporo for each of us.

Tako Wasabi ($4.20)
– Diced Octopus marinated with wasabi stems and sea kelp. Served with seaweed paper. Octopus can be raw, cooked or half&half and we ordered the raw. 🙂
This is a dish that I would like to try wherever I go. It’s served elegantly with a little wooden bucket with seaweed. The mixture of marinated octopus and wasabi steams were good!
kingyo izakaya takowasabi

Yuzu Orange Salmon Carpaccio ($10.80)
– Thinly sliced fresh Salmon carpaccio with house sesame dressing.
kingyo izakaya salmon carpacciokingyo izakaya salmon carpaccio

– Some chunky chicken pieces! Crispy and juicey!
kingyo izakaya karrage

“STAMINA” Don in Hot Stone Bowl ($8.80)
– Pork belly stir-fried with homemade chili paste & garlic soy sauce. Served over rice in a sizzling stone bowl
kingyo izakaya hot stone bowl

Kyoto Style Shojin Assortiment ($18)
– Shojin (vegan buddhist monk recipe) style 9 kobachi bowls. Kingyo makes only 10 sets a day. Everything was delicately made but unfortunately it was all veggies and cold.
kingyo izakaya shojin assortment
kingyo izakaya shojin assortment
kingyo izakaya salmon assortment

Grape with flowers when we asked for our bill.

Overall, a great dining place to be even with a large party. They also take reservations so no more lines up like Guu. But I personally still prefer Guu.
Their sashimis are definitely recommended especially the Orange Salmon Carpaccio. I saw another group beside us eating ramens, that looked pretty good too. So you can spend a wide range of prices in Kingyo from just $15 a ramen to a bigger cheque to try all the other dishes. Cheers!

Kingyo Izakaya
51B Winchester Street
Toronto, ON M4X1R7

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