Touhenboku Ramen

Touhenboku Ramen
Another ramen placed just recently opened up in Downtown Toronto – Touhenboku Ramen (@TouhenbokuRamen). Touhenboku opened in mid November and situated near Osgoode Station.

My friend and I arrived at noon and managed to get a seat next to where all the actions were happening… where they make the ramen! After about 15minutes, I saw a line up at the door already and they open at 11AM so go there early if you don’t like the wait.
Touhenboku Ramen

They have several broth/ soup base to choose from and they are all made with chicken broth as opposed to pork.
4 different soup bases – White (original), red (spicy), black (garlicky), or a light and clear chicken broth with the choice of shio (sea salt) and sho-yu (soya). You can also tell what the soup base is by the colour coded bowls.

I selected the Spicy Ramen with thick noodles (a choice of thin or thick) and rich pork (a choice of lean pork, rich/fat pork or chicken).
So many combinations to make here!
However my spicy ramen was not spicy at all! It was red indeed but not spicy at all. The broth was rather too thick for me, the texture was similar to egg yolk that’s not fully cooked.
Each ramen is topped with wood ear mushrooms, green onions, nori and a half boiled egg.
Touhenboku Ramen
Touhenboku Ramen

My friend ordered the Shio Ramen with thick noodles as recommended by the waitress and rich pork. I liked how they have the option of lean meat in case you are a weight-watcher. I also noticed that they don’t have a vegetarian option though.
Touhenboku Ramen

I found this video from Global News about Touhenboku Ramen that gave a great quick snapshot of the restaurant and how their noodles are made fresh everyday!
Check it out…

Verdict: It’s awesome that we can tell that they make the ramen in house everyday fresh! There’s actually a machine near the kitchen when you’re walking towards the washroom.  Chicken broth and leaner pork is definitely a healthier option. Touhenboku also have a selection of desserts that looked interesting. However, I personally think Sansotei and Santouka are still the top on my list. Cheers!

Touhenboku Ramen
261 Queen St W
Toronto, ON M5V1Z4
(647) 808-8077

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