Koi Sakana

koi sakana richmond hill
Was picking up a few friends near Yoga Tree and decided to try out this small Japanese place called Koi Sakana. We were here for lunch with a few empty tables. It’s a small restaurant that probably sits around just 20 people. They offered a lunch menu that were priced around $8.99.

I got the Grilled Soba bento box that also came with salad, miso soup, rice, tempura veggies and 2 spring rolls.
Nothing particularly special about it. Soba was grilled right. I think this is the first time where I’ve seen a restaurant offering soba in a bento box.
koi sakana richmond hill

My other  friends ordered the spicy ramen, shio ramen and cold soba noodles.

koi sakana richmond hill

koi sakana richmond hill

koi sakana richmond hill

Lastly, they offered red bean icecream for dessert with our lunch special.
koi sakana richmond hill

All-in-all, nothing really outstanding. You get what you pay for. Ramens and the soba noodles were better elsewhere. Will probably be not returning again unfortunately.

Koi Sakana
360 Highway 7
Richmond Hill, ON
(905) 882-8802

Koi Sakana on Urbanspoon


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