The Gabardine

I was around Eaton Centre and decided to go to The Gabardine ( @thegabardine) for lunch. Arrived just around 12:15pm and just managed to grab the last table before a line started.

We ordered the Chinese BBQ pork with mayo, scallions & napa cabbage coleslaw ($15)
It was quite a big sandwich. The pork was tender and soft.
the gabardine chinese bbq pork

Shrimp po`boy with butter lettuce, tomato relish & aioli ($16).
There was also a choice of fries or greens with the sandwiches and obviously I picked greens to be on the healthier side. The shrimp po’boy was flavourful! I liked the carmalized onions that came with it and the lettuce wrap.
the gabardine shrimp po boy

the gabardine

Overall, excellent place! I won’t mind coming back to try their dinner. Apparently, they have really good breakfast/ brunch. They get quite busy after work as well cause they serve alcoholic drinks.
It’s quite a small place so make sure you go early for breakfast and lunch since they don’t reservations then… but they do take bookings for dinner. Cheers!

The Gabardine
372 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5H 2W9
(647) 352-3211


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