In October of last year, my friends and I made a visit to Porzia (@PorziaParkdale), the new Italian restaurant in Parkdale, a hipster neighbourhood. It has been voted for one of the best new restaurants in Toronto by Air Canada’s enRoute Magazine.

It wasn’t too difficult to make a reservation on a Friday night for 8 people. However, they are only open from Wednesday to Monday.

Porzia had vintage pieces within the narrow dining room. I believe they change their menu quite frequently as there’s a date indicated on their website’s menu.
[click image to enlarge.]

The waitress at Porzia kindly informed us that their menu items are shared portions and it would be approximately 2-3 dishes per person. With the 8 of us, we decided to split the table in half where the groups of 4 can order whatever we like.

Hence, we ordered off with the following…

Cauliflower ($10) – fried egg, baccala crema & potato
This was one of my favourite! Although it’s just a simple cauliflower dish but Chef Pesce (@BasilioPesce) managed to eloquently craft it so creatively with fried egg, potatoes and crema.
porzia cauliflower

Scallop Crudo ($16) – zucchini, oregano & pistachio
– Fresh and didn’t have a fishy smell!
porzia scallop

Cavallo Tonnato( $16) – a classic Italian dish of veal, capers and tuna, but made with shaved, cooked horse shoulder instead of veal.
I ordered it because I wanted to try the horse meat. I would say it tasted like veal or cured meat… unfortunately, it was a little disappointing or perhaps I had higher expectations from this dish.
porzia cavallo-tonnato

Bone marrow ($18) – snails & gremolata
– we wanted to give Porzia’s bone marrow a try after a oily and fatty experience from The Purple Pig. But again, MJ and I didn’t love it but some others at the table did. I guess I’ll just have to take it like butter instead.
porzia bone marrow

Arctic Char ($22) – pine mushrooms and lentils
– This salmon was really good and quite crispy. I loved the capers and pine mushrooms with it.
porzia arctic char

Pork Shoulder ($22) – whey-cooked beans & swiss chard
– Pork shoulder was very tender. I liked the veggies with it but wished there were more pork shoulder served.
porzia pork shoulder

We also brought in a birthday cake for a celebration and Porzia kindly served it to us with just a small plating fee ($10). Not bad! Knowing some restaurants may charge at least $3 per plate! The service was very attentive and friendly as well.

I would recommend Porzia if you are into the sharing portions. It’s always nice to try a bite out of everything. I especially liked the cauliflower, artic char and pork shoulder. Cheers! 🙂

1314 Queen St W
Toronto, ON M6K1L4
(647) 342-5776

Porzia on Urbanspoon


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