Guu Sakabar Lunch

Guu Izakaya and Guu Sakabar (@GuuToronto) started serving lunch about a few months ago!
While I was around the area, I decided to drop by for lunch as they continuously tempt me with their post/ tweet of their food pictures!

It was rather quiet on a Friday lunch with only 2 tables seated. This is at the Bloor Sakabar location…
guu sakabar

Lunch Menu…
guu sakabar

I’ve always LOVED Guu’s takowasabi. Although it wasn’t on their lunch menu but they kindly served it anyways. Delicious!
guu sakabar

Miso Ma-Po Udon ($9.8)
– It was this week’s special. Served hot, great for the -20 degrees celcious weather!
– Loved the half cooked egg.
– I thought the broth was a little too thick but I guess because it’s ma-po style and with all that pork. It was too spicy either. Good portion for lunch!
guu sakabarguu sakabar
guu sakabar
guu sakabar

Would definitely be back for their lunches! They also serve other combos as well, such as donburis (rice), teishoku (rice + meat + some side dishes) and noodles (ramens and udons). Prices range from $10-15 or so without drinks. No doubt that it’s a place to be for dinner but also for lunch!

Guu Sakabar
559 Bloor St W
Toronto, ON M5S1Y6
(647) 343-1101

Guu Sakabar on Urbanspoon


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