Ruelo Patisserie – Afternoon Tea

I recently purchased a Groupon deal for $27.50 for Tea Time for Two at Ruelo Patisserie ($51.98 Value). Unfortunately when I called in to make a reservation, they had a super long waiting list with limited space available! I had to book a time that’s pass the deal’s expiry date but luckily Ruelo still honoured it.

It’s a small little patisserie with only 4 tables of two for the afternoon tea. The waitress kindly offered a set of tea leaves for us to pick our tea. My mom and I picked a ginger tea and a citrusy tea respectively.
ruelo afternoon tearuelo afternoon tea

After my mom and I selected ours, our tiered pastries came. There were…
ruelo afternoon tea

Bottom Tier:

  • Mini Atlantic smoked salmon sandwich on a scone
  • Italian prosciutto wrapped grilled pepper
  • Mini shrimp salad sandwich served on a crispy crouton
  • Daily quiche

Mid Tier:

  • Two scones with Devon cream and Kusmi jam
  • Mini danish

Top Tier:

  • Macarons, crème brûlée, and two daily desserts

ruelo afternoon tea
ruelo afternoon tea
ruelo afternoon tea
ruelo afternoon tea

My mom saw them preparing the tiered pastries and unfortunately saw that they took it out of some packaging (looks like a package from Costco), especially those quiches. Overall, I didn’t think the high tea was generally amazing, really regular.  I did like the Italian prosciutto wrapped grilled pepper though. If it wasn’t for the deal, I would not have tried it. And even with the deal, it was a little pricey given it’s value.

I have also purchased another deal from Groupon earlier for Ruelo’s a dozen of macarons for $19 and that was quite disappointing too.
I couldn’t select the flavours I want and I had to pre-order them way in advanced (almost 2 weeks)! And when I picked them up, some of the macarons were frozen. My mom even commented that the macarons looked radioactive due to the colour.

Overall, I didn’t enjoy it much and would likely not purchase any deals from them again. I’ve purchased macaron deals from SUGAR TIERS (a dozen for $18) and it was definitely better! I got to pick my selection and just 2-3 days in advanced to pre-order. I’ll write up that review later on.
ruelo afternoon tea

Ruelo Patisserie
Times Square, 550 Highway 7 E., Unit C73
Richmond Hill, ON L4B1B9
(905) 762-1500

Ruelo Patisserie on Urbanspoon


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