Union72 Restaurant

union72 restaurant torontounion72 restaurant toronto
There are so many good restaurants that opened up in the Ossington area and Union72 (@Union72) is definitely one of them! Union72 is a neighbourhood local restaurant inspired by Paris bistro. They only use produce from locally Ontario farms! From Farm to Chef to Table!

Their menu changes almost daily as well to ensure produce are seasonal and at its best quality.
union72 restaurant torontounion72 restaurant toronto

MJ and I first started with a stout and a beer. I can’t remember the names of it but they were also locally brewed.
union72 restaurant toronto

As we are Charcuterie ($20) lovers, we of course started off with it to share. It came with foie gras terrine, saucisson sec, carne crudo, smoked duck. LOVED IT!
union72 restaurant toronto

I’ve read many great reviews on the stick ribs and no doubt that I ordered it too! I don’t know if it’s because my expectations were set too high but it wasn’t as amazing as I thought.
Sticky Ribs ($26) – charcoal smoked and braised back ribs in home made BBQ sauce
union72 restaurant toronto

MJ ordered the Steak Frites ($34) – entrecot served medium, parley & garlic butter.
Steak was tender and juicey. It also came with a fried egg! Frites were amazing as well. Huge portion on the fries as you can tell but the steak got a little too small.
union72 restaurant toronto
union72 restaurant toronto

Overall, I enjoyed my meal. It’s important to support local farmers as it’s extremely difficult to raise produce in our cold weather.
Would recommend it to others if you’re looking for a nice night-out. Once is good enough for me though. Cheers!

union72 restaurant toronto

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