Yakitori Kintori

Guu’s empire opened another great restaurant specialized in yakitori (grilled skewers), Yakitori Kintori (@YakitoriKintori). It’s located in Korean Town (Bloor & Christie), the second floor of Kinton Ramen 2.

I decided to try it out as I was around the area at 5PM. We were the first customers there as they just opened but we noticed most of the tables were already reserved. We probably took the only table left without the reservation sign. score! =D
yakitori kintori
yakitori kintori

I’ve always loved the Takowasabi from Guu Izakaya so I had to order it here.
Not sure if it’s the sauce mix but it had a lot of wasabi flavour in general… very spicy!
yakitori kintori

We decided on the Chef’s Selection 5pc ($8.8). It consisted of

  • momo = thigh
  • sunagimo = gizzard
  • sasami = tenderloin
  • tsukune = chicken meat ball
  • eringi = king oyster mushroom

My favourite out of all was the sunagimo (gizzard), momo (thigh) and eringi (king oyster mushroom).
I thought it was a little weird that they didn’t ask us if we wanted it in teriyaki sauce or salted but whatever it was, it tasted good!
yakitori kintori
yakitori kintori

Next, I picked the Hiza Nankotsu (chicken knee cartilage), which was the special of the day. I’ve had it at Toronto Night Market before and loved it. Kintori Yakitori’s version did not disappointment either.
yakitori kintori

My favourite was actually the Chicken Karaage ($6).
The chicken were juicey, fried to its perfection! It was nice and chunky. Definitely recommend it! From the image, the chicken skewer may looked a little small but it’s not! Each piece was at least the length of a regular sized lemon!
yakitori kintori
yakitori kintori

We ended our meal with Kitsune Udon ($7) – deep fried tofu & udon noodle in dashi broth
I thought it was in a really cute presentation with the skewers/sticks. The udon were wrapped within the fried tofu. It was a great way to end the meal with some soothing dashi broth.
yakitori kintori

Here’s the bill at the end of the night with also a Sapporo. I won’t say I was fully stuffed but it was just right for 2 people. Highly recommend the Chicken Karaage! Let me know what your favourite are and I’ll give them a try next time. Cheers!
yakitori kintori

Yakitori Kintori
668 Bloor Street W. 2nd Floor
Toronto, ON M6G 1L2
(416) 551-7588

Yakitori Kintori on Urbanspoon


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