BangBang Icecream

Bang Bang Ice Cream opened by Baker Bots (@BakerbotsBaking) around Ossington & Queen area, just right beside Boehmer. A small simple start-up with just plain glass counter displays of cookies and a list of variety ice cream.
bangbang icecreambangbang icecream
bangbang icecream

Cookies range from Birthday, RoCocoa, chocolate chip to oatmeal and more. Icecream goes from vanilla, burnt toffee, espresso, cinnamon toast just to name a few.
bangbang icecream

Burnt coffee icecream and everything cookie
bangbang icecream
bangbang icecream

London fog with Chinese-style egg waffle ($6)
I like these Chinese-style egg waffles in general but I think I like it plain without the icecream much better. But a great idea to put them together.
bangbang icecream

Overall, the icecream was good; tasted just like what it described but I didn’t think the icecream or waffle was all that special. I prefer cookies a little softer. Let me know what you think. 🙂 cheers!

Bang Bang Ice Cream
93 Ossington Ave
Toronto, ON M6J2Z4
(416) 274-1743

Bang Bang Ice Cream on Urbanspoon


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