Seven Lives Tacos Y Mariscos

seven lives tacosseven lives tacos
I was never really interested in tacos until Seven Lives (@SevenLivesTO)!

My friend, Stang, introduced me to Seven Lives located in Kensington Market. A small place with just a table that can sit up to 6 people (tightly) and maybe another 2 high-seats available near the window but primarily, it’s a quick buy-and-take-out place. They usually have quite a line-up around lunch time so go there early or go a little later.
seven lives tacos
seven lives tacos

They serve around 7-9 types of tacos a day and averaging at $5 each. I usually get 2 tacos per visit but for those who love tacos and have a big appetite, you may want to consider 3 or 4. 🙂

I’ve tried almost every flavour on the menu and I have to say their fish ones are the best.

My favourite and most recommended one of all is the GOBERNATOR ($5) -Smoked Marlin, Shrimp and Cheese. (top)
The bottom is the Blackened Mahi Mahi – grilled with dry rub of spice.
All tacos are wrapped with double soft shells.
seven lives tacos
seven lives tacos
seven lives gobernator

Some other ones that I’ve tried in the past is the Baja Fish – battered and deep fried mahi mahi with cream sauce.
PULPO EN MOLE VERDE ($5) – Octopus with Pumpkin Seed mole
CAMARONES A LA DIABLA ($5) – Spicy Shrimp with Cheese
seven lives tacos
seven lives tacos

I especially loveee their fish tacos + their sauce (+ house-made hot sauce). It just makes the entire combination of that much better! AGain, Gobernator is my favourite!

Seven Lives Y Mariscos
69 Kensington Ave
Toronto, ON M5T2K1

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One thought on “Seven Lives Tacos Y Mariscos

  1. I like your post =)
    My favourite is the BAJA hands down!! I think i just like anything that’s deep fried.
    And honestly I have the worst luck when it comes to visiting them. everytime i go its ALWAYS closed. I even go on yelp to look at the times before i go.

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