Joe’s Stone Crab

I was at South Beach Miami just a couple of months ago. While asking a bunch of Florida peers for restaurant recommendations, a lot of them suggested Joe’s Stone Crab (@JoesStoneCrab).
miami south beach
I was initially thinking going at lunch but I took a long stroll along the beach that when I arrived at 2PM, it was already closed!!! Not willing to give up so easily, I just watched a movie around the Lincoln Street Mall and did some shopping and managed to kill time till ~7PM to have dinner at Joe’s! (FINALLY!)
joe's stone crab miami

We were seated quickly without a wait. Ambiance was old-fashioned with plaid table cloth and plaid tiles. I took a look around the restaurant and it looked like there were quite a bit of tourists in there.
To start off, we got the FRIED CALAMARI w/ Key Lime Curry Aioli ($13.95)
It was very crispy and I especially liked the aioli.
joe's stone crab miami

Garlic Fried Soft Shell Crab – paired with crispy pork belly and four cheese beer bique.
I thought it was a little too deep fried that I was just eating a lot of batter. Prefer crab in another way or even a spider roll instead.
joe's stone crab miami

I had my hopes high for the King Crab Claws Large ($54.95)
They were served cold and the shells were very easy to remove. It tasted like a combination of lobster and crab. It had a lot of ‘fat’ in it (the orange stuff that you would typically find at fatty lobsters/crabs).
My ethical background is Chinese so I eat seafood quite often. We typically steam them and eat them as a whole. Hence, I thought the stone crab was a little disappointing. Indeed, the stone crab claws were big and very meaty and fresh (fresh salty flavour) but I feel like I’ve had better such as Alaska King Crabs or bigger crabs from Fisherman Club House..etc. Again, it was delicious but I expected a little bit more. Nonetheless, it was worth a try!
joe's stone crab miami

Overall, I had a great meal with friendly service. The Stone Crabs were a little pricey… I guess you pay for being a tourist or having the city’s signature dish. Other than that, everything else was reasonable. Cheers!

Joe’s Stone Crab
11 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States
+1 305-673-0365

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