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Pastel Creperie & Dessert House

Pastel Creperie & Dessert House

Ever since I’ve tried frosty flake icecream in Hong Kong about two years ago (picture here), I have been craving for it ever since! Finally, a place in Toronto that offers it…Pastel; referred by foodpr0n on flickr. Pastel is located just a few minute walk from Finch Station on Yonge near the condominiums. If you’ve … Continue reading

mochi ice cream

Japanese Mochi Icecream (box of 8 pieces). This is one of the best mochis I’ve had for a long time!! Normally, I would get Lotte, this japanese brand (click for picture), for mochis but I noticed there’s this new brand, Mt.Fuji, at the supermarket (TNT) and it was significantly cheaper so I bought a box for a try! They also offer … Continue reading

Hollywood Gelato

Hollywood Gelato 1640 Bayview Avenue Toronto, ON M4G 3B7 Love this place! Who doesn’t like icecream/gelato? I’ve tried several flavours from this place before but so far, Ferrero Rocher is my favourite from this place. Pistaccio is good but I thought it tasted kinda like play-doh. The only drawback to this place is street parking. There’s … Continue reading