Nyood Restaurant
1096 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M6J 1H9
(416) 466-1888

A few months ago, I got the Wagjag coupon for Nyood, $20 for $40 but only available Mon – Wed. But luckily, with the weather warming up a bit and that I have recently changed my work location, it made it a lot easier to get one of my girls to go with me.

Went on a Tuesday night with barely any customers inside but were greeted with friendly servers. The ambience and decor was quite welcoming and modern, playing on the black and white theme – white shelves, white moldings, chandelier-like lights and black walls, along with a slightly opened kitchen.

After reviewing the menu, $40 of food will only satisfy one of us, it’s one of those restaurants that each person will need to speed at least $50. But whatever, we each picked a started and a main to share, total of 4 items, as we were told that the Mediterranean-influence plates are quite small that were meant for sharing.

We started off with some cocktails,
Pear mojito – bacardi rum, pear, mint, sugar and soda ($12)
Pink Beauty – soho liqueur, grey goose vodka, grapefruit juice and chandon
Both tasted very refreshing to go with the warmer weather! 🙂

Yellowfin Tuna Tartare consisted of Diced mango, plantain chips, toasted pine nuts ($14).

I’ve always been in love with tartars ever since Nota Bene. This one wasn’t as great as Nota’s but still nonetheless good! It was refreshing and the plantain chips complimented it quite well (better if it was crunchier).

Manchego crusted mussels with chili tomato sauce ($12)

This dish was actually really good. Very flavourful. The machego (cheese) created a great texture around the mussels with the tomato sauce.

Beef carpaccio flatbread with arugula puree, peccorino romano, usda prime beef tenderloin, truffled aioli ($16)

We both like flatbreads so we decided on this one. It was good but I thought it was a bit too dry. I prefer my flatbreads a bit more saucey. Maybe because some sort of truffle-related items are on it so to not take away their taste/scent, they made it a bit drier and less cosmetic.

Lastly, Malta braised short ribs with spice crunch ($15)

This was excellent! Bigger than we though and the ribs were SO tender! The meat just falls off the bone when you eat it. Will definitely order again! Great recommendation by the waitress.

We weren’t THAT full after the meal so we got a dessert to share,

Plum and Pear Crumble with lemon ginger sorbet, lemon curd, puff waffer

Pretty good! The crumble was warm which went well with the cold sour lemony sorbet.

After dessert, we weren’t full but it was just right. The bill came up to around $100 and with the coupon, each of us paid around $40. Wasn’t much of a deal, it was more like 20% off with the coupon, but better than nothing.
We both agreed that the place was good but will not come back soon as we have had better value elsewhere such as Lee’s (similar price but more delicious food)! Maybe if we had came to Nyood with more people, we could have tried more dishes and the costs would have reduced. Great experience though. Worth a try!

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